Create Your Own "Statement Piece"



Upholstering is a fascinating adventure, if you enjoy a challenge and are ready to leap into unknown territory Teena’s Legacy Workshop is where you need to be.

Did you know that upholstery has the potential to boost your self-esteem, sharpen your imagination, and enhance your creative mind. It can also try the patience of your SOUL, test the skills of your hands, and leave you with the rewards of a job well done as a long-lasting experience, not to mention it helps you save money by doubling the life of your old furniture.

The Ideal Individual to Participate


  • Someone who needs to relax and separate themselves from their daily routine
  • Someone who’s redefining themselves
  • Someone who needs a statement piece that represent their future
    • Good for a office
    • Meditation room
    • Setting room
    • War room etc.
  • Someone who’s ready for change in their life.
  • Or Simply interested in learning the basic skills of upholstery

The Perfect Candidate

Family Household



Creating a "Statement Piece" for your family household has the potential to:

  • Strengthen the family bond.
  • The opportunity to define "Family."
  • Bring the family together.
  • Explore the family creativity as a whole.
  • Create a piece that tells the SOUL of your family (Tells your family story).



 Creating a "Statement Piece" for your school has the potential to:

  • Build students confidence.
  • Strengthen bonds between students,  teachers, and administration.
  • Students will be stimulated creatively and think critically. 
  • Learn the basic skills of upholstery.
  • And finally tell a story that represent the Spirit of your school.



 Creating a "Statement Piece" would be great to speak to the Spirit of your:

  • Youth Ministry.
  • Women/Men Ministry.
  • Senior Citizens Ministry.
  • The community you serve.
  • Or speak to the SOUL of your church.



 Creating a "Statement Piece" for your business has the potential to:

  • Build your team (as a team building exercise).
  • Create a piece that express your mission, vision, goals, and values. 
  • Have a custom made piece of furniture to showcase in your lobby that tells the history of your business



 Creating a "Statement Piece" for your Nonprofit has the potential to:

  • Create a piece that represent your mission and vision
  • Create a piece that help mend the social fabric in your community
  • Team building exercise
  • Youth project
  • Create a piece that tells the story of your non-profit



 Creating a "Statement Piece" that tells your story as an individual.

  • Create a piece for your office, war room, meditation room, sitting room, man or woman cave. 
  •  Or simply because you can! 

B.E.S.T Academy

The young men from B.E.S.T Academy creating a statement piece for their school.