Apprentice Program


  • Each participant will go through 60 hours of hands-on upholstery instruction, fabric layout, cutting,  and demos; how to estimate and choose fabric yardage, and everything else that goes into reupholstering and reviving furniture.
  • We provide a safe space for each participant to identify their likes, dislikes, wants, passion and purpose in life. 
  • Toward the end of the program each participant will seek out clients to re-upholster their furniture, this gives them the opportunity to apply what they've learned over the past 10 weeks. 
  • They will also have a end of the summer project, away to give back to the community. 

2018 Fall/Winter Apprentice Tour


Teena’s Legacy Fall/Winter Apprentice Tour initiative gives organizations the opportunity to incorporate the lost trade of upholstery in their daily activities. We are offering 4 days of upholstery instruction consisting of lecture, demonstrations and hands-on learning. This workshop gives you the basic skills and training reupholstering a small to mid-size pieces of furniture. We’ll start from the very beginning, each participant will learn how to determine fabric yardage, choose appropriate fabric, tear it down (remove the old upholstery fabric), make simple repairs, re-pad and reupholster it. 

Each participant will leave with a “Statement Piece” that tells their story or a piece that tells the story of their organization. 

This years fall/winter  program will cost $5,000, please give from the heart below!

Thank You!

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the lives of many young women. Your generous donation will fund our mission and vision. 

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