About Teena's Legacy

Who is Teena and what is her Legacy?

Teena’s Legacy was founded in 2012 by Jamika Smith in honor of her grandmother Alberteen Stredrick (Teena). Alberteen transition back in 2011, but not without leaving a long-lasting impact on Jamika’s life hence motivating her to keep her legacy alive.

Alberteen (Teena) was creative, vibrant and always about her business. She grow up in the town of Pastoria and Sherrill, Arkansas. Shortly after graduating, she went to New York City for vocational training and returned to Arkansas to work on the family farm. She left Arkansas for Chicago at the tender age of 19 in order to earn a better living for her family. She held a number of jobs including clerical, domestic, culinary, resale, and factory work. She retired from Leaf Brand Candy Co. where she held a number of position. Alberteen (Teena) was an accomplished seamstress and a self-taught interior decorator. She had a creative eye for fashion which resulted in unique and stylish clothes; she would model her designs in fashion shows she hosted and coordinated in the basement of her home and different local venues. She also had a gift in restoring and reviving old furniture back to its original glory.

Granma believed strongly in self-sufficiency and having your own, her vision for her family was for them to tap into their natural gifts and use them to start their own business and leave a legacy for their children. And I am doing just that, keeping my grandmother's legacy alive for my daughter, and the cycle will continue.

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Teena's Legacy Mission

Our mission is to provide a soul changing experience, in which young women and women in general becomes architects of their future. We do this by presenting opportunities for economic transformation using the trade of reviving, restoring and reupholstering furniture as an alternate income or simple a tool used to create yourself anew.

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